About "De Ballon"
Let your imagination run wild

The doors of the extraordinary entrance lead to a big area full of enjoyment and hours of endless child’s play. In the indoor playground “de Ballon” the kids get all the space they need to let off some steam, play and especially let their imagination run wild. Everything has been taken care of! There are a whopping three levels where the children up to 10 years old can be creative and uninhibited in a circuit of no less than 250 metres of adventurous tunnels, bridges, cool climbing nets, slides, climbing walls and the list goes on!

Safety before everything

All playground equipment in “de Ballon” are made of synthetic materials and of course meet all requirements according to the safety mark of indoor playgrounds. The choice for synthetic materials was made from a hygienic point of view, and the upkeep of all equipment is of highest importance for us. Next to a comfortable floor heating, “de Ballon” is equipped with a powerful air ventilation system, which creates a nice and healthy environment to play in. For the warmer days we have air-conditioning.

Especially for toddlers

There is a special area for toddlers of no less than 28 square metres, which is shielded from the rest of the playground. Here the littlest adventurers between 1 and 4 years old can play in a ball pit, a little slide, a beads maze table and much more. Their imagination gets stimulated in a great way by the playing arrangements and the happy colours.

The colourful playground gives for a cosy and happy feeling. Cosy, complete and still clear and open. The best overview for moms, dads and other friends are from their own table. Where they can read, play chess, have a drink or snack, and there is also the possibility to use our free wireless internet connection. Everything with the kids in plain sight!